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help me

code problem, wiring problem or broken picaxe?

I am a noob so I am sorry if  this is obvious.

I am using a picaxe 20m and having an issue, when I am checking if a switch is high or low (if pin7 = 1 then ...), on all of my inputs except pin7, me touching or being near the wire is enough to flash it between 1 and 0. it is finding enough voltage from my hand to trigger, it will do this even on the simplest codes, any help would be well appreciated.

Thanks in advance

what is wrong?! ..and what can i do!?

okay..         so i just finished my new robot(8 servo quadropod)and started makeing a test program.   when the test program was done i downloaded it to the picaxe and it worked! then i started to try out use the srf05 to see if it was plugged in the right way! so i made another program and tryed it and that worked too!