Let's Make Robots!


Selling robots

Anyone ever had the idea of making and then selling toy robots? Or even useful robots? Or did anyone even did it and was somewhat succesful at making some money? This idea always appealed to me, to make homemade toy robots. Kinda feels like an idyllic idea to me, something I'd like to do for a living rather than anything else really. But I don't think it's very profitable. 

Dual 18F4620 board with supporting 18F2525 for display

Right now I am working on my master-slave-slave board that will suit my needs for a long time. It has a master 4620, that communicates to another 4620 for processor assistance.

 4620 MASTER: Spaces for 5 servos, rs232, I2C, sn754410 motor controller, 8 ADC channels, 2x5 header so it is expandable into another board.

4620 SLAVE: Setting switches, proximity IR sensors (8 for complete sensing), speaker, encoders (rear and front for a car drive bot, left and right for 2 wheel operation), 38khz IR led driver, bumper switches and spaces for 6 servos I2C.