Let's Make Robots!


True Human

Just a thought project (as I never seem to have any time to build the ideas floating around in my head);

I see a lot of wonderful projects built here on LMR, but one thing that always screams to me with humanoid robotic designs is 'x' axis is always considered, but the 'y' axis on robot joints is almost always ignored. Please don't take this as critism, rather a challenge to think about this problem.

Acrylic transparent body for walking robot

This is the body of my walking robot (quadrapod) called bibi. I will add a post later of the complete robot.


The body I drew in Autodesk Quickcad and produced it using a laser cutter device which I could use for free at the so-called fab-lab in my city Utrecht Netherlands. www.protospace.nl

The fab-labs could also be in your country, its an initiative from MIT and its pretty cool.


My whole holonomic future is in your hands.

I want to build an autonomous holonomic robot using omniwheels.  Please advise me from both a programming and from a structural point of view.  Is it better to use three wheels in an equilateral triangle configuration, or four wheels in a square layout?  And why do you think so?  Thank you.