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Electronic components: the bare essentials and useful components to buy.

Now that an Arduino Mega is on it's way from China and some sensors, it's time to look at what electronic components are useful. Of course I could, for example, buy every ceramic capacitor that exists, but that would be a waste of money.

So what are commonly used components when using the Arduino? I'm talking about pull up resistors, capacitors for debouncing and other handy/necessary components.


need help finding axon microcontroller


 i heve been lookig for a microcontroller that fitted me and so i found the axon

but all the shops i have found selling this is in USA or Canada

so i need help finding a shop in europe that sells the axon microcontroller

do anyone know where to get the axon?

please tell me!

but remember! the shop has to be inside europe!!!


here is a picture of it

axon microcontroller