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Can I use PWM to control the motor speed driven by a L293D?

Has the L293d the potential to do the job of balancing a 2-wheeled robot? PID control is necessary for a balancing robot that ends up setting a PWM value to control motor rotation at it's appropriate speed. Can I implement it with this kind of motor driver? If so, where should the PWM values be landed on the L293D pins (enable?, inputs?. . .)

For multiple type sensor robots which is better

For robots that have multiple types of sensors, like adding touch sensors, light sensors, temperature sensors, and a mix, which is easier, Picaxe or Ardunio? Or is there a better microcontroller or setup? I know Lego's NXT has these abilties, but I wanted to know what other setups are out there that work really well or are the easiest to work with or put together.

Props to the Arduino

I found this article and thought all of you Arduino guys would appreciate it...

I have to say though I give props to both the Arduino guys and the picaxe guys as they have given us this great tech thats easy to use. I think articles like this help to inspire us when we may not be totally "feeling it"...which happens to me on occasion..