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Running a servo through a darlington

I am wondering what's the trick to running a servo (hxt900) on a picaxe28 (pic16f886) through a darlington transistor array.

I tried many different thing sbut the only thing that works is removing the darlington and replacing it with the 330 ohms resistor array (as specified in the "start here" recipe).

The only reason I am trying to do that is so that I can use the transistor array to work with speakers. 

Would it be a better Idea to just use the resistor array and then add transistors to each of the speaker's signal?

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Darlington and Servo with Start Here project?

Hey all,

So I'm totally new to robotics, but I've read through all of the Start Here project and have a project I'd like to do. I plan to make a prop sentry gun from a game called "Team Fortress 2." All I need it to do is pan left and right, beep, and have a glowing red LED. Can the PICAXE-28 have a servo and the darlington? I was kind of confused as to if the resister and motor driver were needed for the servo or if just one would work.

Thanks for your help!

Darlington driver switching different voltages??

 hi all i've just stumbled upon the joys of robotics in the last week

so i'm a little green, I've read some darlington threads already but i didn't find an answer.