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adding something to my robot

I'm thinking of adding a bump switch to the start here robot



I'm thinking of adding a bump switch to the robot, do I need any drivers? or anything?



High Speed Photography Help!

Hello everyone!

this is my first post so im pretty excited haha.

i want to know how to create something so i can shoot high speed photography.

an example of what i would like to do is of a water droplet hitting a bowl of water and snapping a picture when the "crown" (part of the water which gets drawn up from the result of disrupting the water bowl".

i was thinking about a laser activated "flash" which fires the flash of the camera after the beam is broken, but it should have a delay so i can fine tune it and get the perfect image.

Hi all, would any one need PCBs/parts cut using my machine?

It looks like my CNC is finished and ready to do stuff, so I was wondering if could make some money out of it.

Stuff I could fabricate:

I should be able to use the machine to fabricate the following stuff:

- PCBs made with Eagle up to the maximum size allowed with the free version - I'm still working on the details but I'm sure I'll get it to do this properly, first tests look promising

Salvaging Parts

Hi all, 

I'm new here and wanted to know What would be good appliances or computer parts to salvage robot related parts? (motors, gears, electronics)

I saw someone take the HDD's motor, but it seems the use of it is a bit complicated, and I'm a complete noob.
Are all the motors in HDD's like the one he used or does it vary?
Thanks in advance,

servo motor conrol

hay woundering if any one knows of a good servo motor controller and how to use it?