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Hi all

I'm still  thinking of a smarter lawn mower that would be able to navigate in my yard around trees and flowers (even if they are gone right now)  using an enhanced GPS, I read a few things about RTK LIB which is supposed to provide a cm accuracy. It's obviously above my level but has anyone tried to use it ? is there a "quite" simple implementation of such a solution ?


Outdoor navigation

Hi all,

Modest as I am, the decision has been made to build an outdoor autonomous robot which will mow my lawn. :-D

The environment:
The garden is 50*50 meter (150*150 feet) with the house somewhere in the middle, completely fenced off with a gate. 2/3rd covered by grass in different sections separated by driveway,paths/house/garage. Altitude difference is 6m (18 feet) between lowest and highest point. Maximum slope is 30 degrees (containing grass). Soil, no rocks.

Updated on 2/15/09. I've added a couple new pictures. Its running, but not optimized. Testing will follow, then I'll post some navigation video's, etc.   This is … Read more