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can drum and wander around
I have managed to get every thing except the neck motor to play ball. it took a bit of trial and error to find the correct wiring connections as my board layout is … Read more

Going to build a YDM!

'Going to build a YDM'

Bit ambitious as a first project, but I have 'some' background in programing.

Right now I am a student at University of Idaho. I am taking C++ and attend the ACM meetings. ACM is a group on campus that does programing challenges and is now dabling in robotics. They recently got an Arduino board, and it is my understanding that it uses C++.

This will be my first robot, except for a semester in high school where I programed a robot to navigate a maze using only a sequence of commands.

Drives around, bumps into things, plays beats, backs up and moves on.
Using a
Most Recent Update: Uploaded new code (v1.9) that introduces some 'shuffle' to Blind Lemon's beats. Thanks for the tip, Frits! Intro  Blind Lemon is now a … Read more
Last weekend we had a nice weather, and I made a Light in the garden, and decided to make a photo of it with my robot next to … Read more

Greetings from RoboDays 09

Hi everybody :)

I was invited to exhibit on the annual RoboDays, in Odense, Denmark this year

It was quite cool, because I got to meet so many of the youtube-famous robots (and their builders) out there. Some shown in the video, but of course I did not have time to go around and film a lot, having my own stand (and 500 kids wanting to touch stuff and drive cars into each other)..

Yellow Drum Machine DAGU version

DAGU has asked me to make a prototype of a Yellow Drum Machine-kind of project. Thanks OddBot and Jklug80 for bringing this on ;)

Actually I was trying to make a robot that would carry a camera and take pictures of it self and stuff.. and these days I only have just about 30 minutes of spare time every day to build.. and logging in to LMR often takes that time, so I had to drop all other projects to be doing this.

To all drumbot builders

Did any of you ever notice that a drummer (flesh/blood kind) does not hold his sticks at the very end? He holds them somewhere between halfway and one tenth of the length. I am guessing (not being a drummerboy myself) that this improves the rebounce of the stick from the drumskin. Because the bottom end of the stick balances (both weight and inertia) the business end. Try it out with a pencil on the tabletop. (nb: will destroy pencil)

Did you ever consider placing the motor higher up the drum stick?

Update: Solarbotics has made this kit, were you will get all the vital parts needed for this project, at the best total price available out there :) Welcome, funky … Read more