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Navigates using IR and/or touch sensors and avoids obstacles.
Using a
I recently won a Parallax Boe-Bot robot kit at the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC) for coming in 1st place in the Line-Following competition. I had … Read more

tracked robot

We are building a tracked robot based on the dagu rover 5, With as brains the BASIC STAMP 2.

We need some help with the command lines to get the thing moving.

We have tried several commands like pulsout pwm, But due to a faulty driver board got three channels running fourth channel the board started smoking got repleasement board in now, But are very hessitant to start testing again with more smoke.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Joep and Jean

Leo navigates around a room autonomously avoiding walls and other objects.
Using a
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Read RFID tags and Smart Cards with this handheld device
A Basic Stamp 2px powered handheld device that can read RFID tags and Smart Cards then displays the data on an LCD screen. Future upgrades will include the ability … Read more
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Thumb Joystick with Basic Stamp

I'm trying to interface the joystick from Sparksfun with the BS2 , using the RCTIME function.





Using the attached schematic, I'm only able to detect a reading on one side of the joystick (down & right) & nothing on the other side. however, if i connect the Vcc to the Vert & Hor pins, I'm able to detect all four directions. But this also means that I can't use the Select button.