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A good place to buy stuff in the UK

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows a good place to buy parts etc. in the UK. Obviously there is the picaxe store for the parts available on there. I was searching for stuff and it seems to fairly cheap and most parts are available form rapidonline.com but they don't sell stuff that is more robot specific and less general electrics.

Where do you guys get stuff from in the UK, or any UK store that you may use from abroad?

Robot Beginnings

Well I am starting! Will keep you posted on my progress and once it is done put it in here as a robot. :) Woot.




Wish list

Sorry if this is in the wrong place, i wasnt sure where to put it. 


Ive just been given £100 for christmas which i plan to spend on components. Im still to make my mind up as to what to spend it on. So im looking to you 'orrible lot for ideas.


What's on your wishlist at the moment?  

List of good online shops for bot parts

I was wondering where online most of you go to shop for parts? Can we construct a master list of important websites here?

This list is from the URLs I've gathered from the various tutorials:

Bulk Buying

who hates those darn expensive local shops?

and its cheaper to buy em over the web but postage is too much!

well why not get together and buy products in bulk.

example: i want to buy 2 servos on the web $20 each but if i buy 10 its only $15 each.

Parts Prices (In US Dollars)

Here is the analysis I have done so far. I didn't look everywhere, but I did learn 2 things.

  1. You can't buy everything from 1 place
  2. It is cheaper if you buy from outside of the US on some parts

Here goes my summary: (For all intents and purposes, when priced in £ double it for US dollars. It is a bit less than double, but after your credit card company charges a fee to convert the purchase it will be close to double given the current rate of exchange on 5/7/2008)

Starter Pack (Picaxe 28 with USB cable)