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Sharp IR and voltage drops in large systems

I don't know why I decided to put a Sharp IR (GP2Y0A21) in K-9.  Probably because it's smaller than the HC-SR04 that I'm so much more used to.  In any case, I got a general system assembled and decided to test it using essentially the same branching that I used on Maus.  It seems to go into its obstacle avoidance routine at random.  It definitely reacts when it "sees" something, but also often when there's nothing in front of it.  What I'm wondering is could the "Analogness" of the sensor be what's killing me?

navigate in various ways, teach me about robotics
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Hi! MAEP 2.0 is the second version of MAEP (please check it out if you haven't already). I won't go into all the details about things that are the same as the … Read more
Navigate in various ways, teach me about robotics
Using a
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NiCad vs NiMH batteries

I wanna buy a charger and some batteries so I've been doing a bit of research on the different types. However the information I found is somewhat confusing and outright contradictory. And in any case I'd like to hear about the experiences you guys have had using NiHM and/or NiCad batteries...

Which would be the better choice? Pros and cons?

Max713 NiCad/NiMH smart charger.

I made a battery charger with some free samples of the maxim max713 chip.

Maxim home page.

Chip details.


Search for samples.