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hardware not found on computer for picaxe

Hi I am trying to program my picaxe28 but my computer keeps on saying HARDWARE NOT FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does any one know  why it is doing this ? I tried every thing it told me to do butit still says HARDWARE NOT FOUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

how does XORF work?

howd yu do?

I finaly caught on to the PIC assebly language!

I am using a pic on a simple little robot with the usual bump, revese, turn, obsticle avoidance. it will do more than that later but I havent even writen a PIC program yet so I am starting small. anyway there is on thing I don't understand in the tutorial i read. it is the XORFcommand. I understand xor gates but how does it work here; http://www.pictutorial.net/?page_id=152

it says