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An Arduino that runs Windows or Linux, or almost any other OS

The Arduino has done wonders to bring embedded systems in reach of people who otherwise wouldn't have access to them.  It is a very powerful system, but it has drawbacks and limitations.  The program and data sizes are limited, as is the execution speed.  They are often plenty for many projects, but sometimes more is needed.  For larger projects more space is needed.  Or maybe it needs to be faster.  Also, you only have one program and to have the processor do more than one thing (multitask) requires some tricky programming.

Upcoming Webinar: Embedded Code Generation for AC Motor Controllers

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Dropping this link just incase anyone is interested.  For what its worth, I have no professional affiliation with MathWorks outside that of using the software as a student.

Quoted from site -- " In this webinar we feature the development and implementation of a field-oriented controller for a permanent magnet synchronous machine (PMSM) using a real-time microcontroller. The workflow will show you how to:

Embedded: "Real men(and women) program in C"

A great link on the use of c in the embedded technology world.