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Spam avoidance

You may not remember from way back when, but since March 2010 new members have to pass a tiny little quiz before we will allow them onto LMR. The main reason for this was the onslaught of spam on the site.

And it helped a lot! The number of spammers that get through have dropped dramatically! I guess they choose to move along and pester some other poor blogger.


enter the user number or link for the spam here 

its easier than putting it in the shout box where it can be pushed off screen 

using this forum should make the admins job easier and will help remove the cursed spammers once and for all 

Spam and spammers

It's been discussed often before and long after this thread dies. Spam. We hate it. Period.

Is there anything else or anything more we can do together to stop it?

All suggestions are welcome. Spam is not. 


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Ten thousand

This week LMR is hitting the 10000th node. A node is a page as our content management system calls them. Look in the URL bar if you have never noticed these numbers before. Ten Thousand must be some sort of anniversary.