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Mecanum Robot

In my blog about the Shanghai Maker Carnival i wrote about the workshop and our VIP guests but not much about the other stuff. here it goes, the other stuff. One of the interesting objects was the Mecanum Robot (well, actually remote controlled), a project of my colleague Angelo. He build that monster, improved, failed, improved again to make it work. You might imagine how much fun it was to test it in the office :-)

programming for mecanum drive based robot

I am currently working on the programming for a robot that i have already built which will be using a mecaunum wheel based drive. I am rather noobish as far as the programming goes and need any help that i can get. I am trying to figure out how to program the robot to use te mecanum wheels for different movements such as going staright left or straight right. I am currently only setting up the robot to perform a routine predetermined in the programming. My current program will be included
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