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Picaxe as an I/O expander for Arduino

As I was thinking of new features for my robot, I realised how painfully short I was on pins! The Arduino Mini just doesn't have enough! I'm not thinking of upgrading to a Mega, seeing how pricey it is and also because it's pretty huge. That's when I though of I/O expanders. Unfortunately, most are designed to be shields for anything but the Arduino Mini, so, again, I didn't know what to do. That's when I thought of using a Picaxe for expanding! I'm thinking of using a PWM or an analog pin from the Arduino as an output to a Picaxe input pin.

Not all Arduino pins default to input!

Every now and then I come across a problem that takes a long time to solve. When I find the solution it is usually something very simple. I hope this will save someone else some time.

Today I am writting a program for testing the Spider controller. Since all the I/O pins connect directly to the processor there is not much that can go wrong. Basically the program just needs to check for short circuits and open circuits due to bad soldering or faults in the PCB.