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Ok, that is something what sits on my desk for a while and never got finished. Inspired by Yahmez and his The MicRObot Challenge and also one of my Chinese … Read more

Necessary Requirements for Connecting Servo motors, Gear Motors & Sensors to an Arduino Mega 2560 REV3 Board

we are pretty new to robotics and all the knowledge in it is pretty new. Currently we are in the process of making a mobile robotic manipulator for our engineering graduation project.

Though we have completed the mechnial kinematic parts, presently we are in the process of figuring out how to fix various electronic components. From basic calculation we have calculated the necessary torque and force required at various joints. But now that many of the components are here we are pretty confused as to what goes where.

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Price: $300 USD

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The servo motor that is used cost only 10usd.I used six motor to complete the 3 axis robotic arm.The motor specs: Voltage: 6 volt Torque: 3.4kg.cm price of the … Read more