Let's Make Robots!

Picaxe 28x1

Move autonomously, make its own decisions, help clean with different attachments, multi-terrain
Mini-Butler Read more
goes around the room trying to not bump into walls
Using a
This is my "start here" robot. It is not very solid yet... i'm working on that, and also on the code... trying something similar to the navigation from part 2 but … Read more
avoid object and play drum on thing.
This is my version of the drum machine. Measuring 4"X4"X5" Read more
This is my first project so far. I have got the basic forward system almost working, and was wondering if anybody had any tips/improvements? It runs straight and I … Read more
Follow an Infared beam around
I have been having this idea in my mind for awhile. Now I want to get it out and put it on the drawing board. OFR is a robot that follows a specific infared siginal … Read more