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Understanding servos...

Well, I'm trying to learn servos so I'm toying around a micro servo 9G.

I'm using an arduino one board and the following code:


#include <Servo.h>

Servo neckServo;            // Define the Servo object

void setup()


  neckServo.attach(10);     // attach the servo on pin 10 to the servo object 

  neckServo.write(90);       // "favorite" default position



void loop()



Sensing servo feedback


I'm new to this forum, robotics, electronics and microcontrollers, however I have been programming a long time and I'm currently studying computer science.

I recently bought an Arduino board with the purpose of making robots for experimenting with my special interest: AI.

I wish to build a walking robot and experiment with varios ways of giving it a nervous system. So I will need to find a way to get feedback directly from the servos, thereby being able to read the amount of stress (load) they experience at a given time.