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Hexapod controlled by arduino+devantechSD21

Hello there,

I am working on a hexapod robot and i am trynig to controll it by using aruino + SD21 servo controller.When i am  test each servo separately ,are acting like i want but when i am connecting all of them its like most servos are not moving at all.


This is my code:

#include <Wire.h>

#define ADDRESS 0xC2  


int servo1  = 63;

int servo2  = 64;

int servo3  = 65;

int servo4  = 66;

int servo5  = 67;

int servo6  = 68;

int servo7  = 69;

hexapod control using arduino

i am working on a hexapod controlled by arduino + devantech sd21 servo controller... can anyone send me any working sample code ? so i can see how it works...

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picaxe programming sd21


I am using a sd21 servo controller board with a 18x picaxe inserted. I have downloaded the sample program it ti works ( moves sevo to each end). What I need to know is how to control the speed of the servo.

What i am really after is someone to give me some program showing how i can move a couple of servos at different speeds after an imput has been activated. I tried reading manuals over and over and still dont get it.





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