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video transmission

How to build BeagleBoard based WiFi robot

Some time ago I have announced my remotely (over the Internet) controlled robot. However, there were not too much documentation and details. So with this post I would like to announce the availability of more detailed project documentation and make brief overview of some interesting aspects of the project. The whole available documentation could be found on the project Wiki.

Composite Video to MPG/WMV converter IC

I am looking for a chip / IC to get the composite (analog) video signal (NTSC/PAL) and produce a digital video format (MPG/WMV/etc.) with adjustable bitrate capability. Does anyone know such a chip available?

First Trials with Propeller Video Output

Today I have got a 2.5" TFT-LCD-Display I bought on ebay for 17€ exluding shipping fee. See my first results in getting video out of the Propeller onto the display in the attached film.

Help in starting a Project

I want to make a robot for my final year project featuring a vehicle which will have simple movements and a robotic arm which can grab things. Other than this it should have a good camera mounted on it which will stream live video and this robot should be controlled wirelessly. Now can someone help me to select

  1. Which microcontroller should i use to do this all?
  2. How should i transmit video wirellessly?(I dont want to use wireless camera)