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Communication port problem with ponyprog2000


I am trying to program AtMega8 with pongprog 2000 in xP.

my system has a  parallel i/o port card and have installed a parallel port onto my computer as it was not previously available.

I am getting the problem "Communication port not available    

(-16)".When i go to interface setup +parallel+avr isp i/o all my LPT ports are disabled although when i check device manager it says PCI_LPT(LPT3) is installed and working properly!Please reply fast ....I am stuck here and its urgent )-:


Parallel port control for a Mac

Anyone have experience with controlling a parallel (8 or more lines) output on a Mac (OS X)? I want to control my CNC machine with a parallel interface but Macs don't have parallel ports anymore. I need to find a suitable replacement, but a serial port/MCU would drastically complicate things. Please help! What hardware should I get?