Let's Make Robots!


Hey! Here is another guy in the BOB army! :) This time Yellow one! So, it started when I was watching photos of the BlueBOB by TinHead. My daughter saw it and … Read more

Finally, dedicated robot-building corner! Hurray! :D

Hey, everybody!

I just got myself dedicated robot building place! Finally!!! Hurray!!! :D

Now, all my robot stuff is in one place :) And (the most important thing!) locked away from my 9 month old daughter:)

On this positive waive I have started working on my next robot project: WallBouncerBot. His first picture:

His chassis is complete. And I will post details soon, I hope :D

Wakes people up and runs away with alarm clock on his back :)
Using a
Ok, It came to the piont Mr. Wake got some shape, so I'm posting it here. Wake is Mr. Basic V2.0 contest entry, and he is intelligent annoyeing alarm clock bot :D. … Read more