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Motors and Tracks

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My First Robot - Motor control for tracks

Hello all

So, I've been lurking this forum for a while now and finally decided to make my first robot.

I started out reading the "Start here" guide - and it's a really cool guide by the way :)

Motors and Tracks

For my next project, I want to use actual motors (I have used continous servos to this point). I also want to have tracks instead of wheels for this project. My question is whether or not the motors I want to use will connect to the tracks I want to use. I want to use this Tamiya Track Kit seen here http://www.robotronic.co.nz/images/TAM-008-000.gif and I want to use the Solarbotics motors like seen here http://www.robotshop.us/solarbotics-gm9-gear-motor-9.html .