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Ready for Campus Party

I am ready for the Campus Party.

OddBot was so kind to send me the LMR poster he already had to the Shenzhen Mini Maker Fair.

Sorry for the wrinkles but it's huge and i did not have the space to unfold it completely.

I will bring it to the Campus Party in Berlin in August.

Campus Party - Berlin 2012


As you might seen on the first page a new CP is going to happen in Berlin on 21-26 August in an airport :D 

I'd like to go, last time I got invited but even without an invitation the trip would be somewhere around 400 Euros including the airplane ticket, and if it will be like the last time it will be worth going. 

Frits can you post some more info on this when you get some time/more inside info?


Large Solenoid Actuator driven Display

Hello, I am new to this site so I hope you won’t mind if I ask a few questions that I am sure are going to sound quite amateurish to most of you. 

I am an American living in Berlin working on a collaboration between two art research institutes here.  I have been given the task of putting together a proposal for a dynamic moving display. That will be featured next year as part of a conference on kinesthesia.