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Getting SOUND from your Picaxe (Works with other controllers also).

WARNING:  If "techie-stuff" makes your head hurt, do not read the following. 

      (ha ha)


To make sound from your picaxe, the manual shows a 10 uF capacitor in series with a 40 ohm speaker.

This will work but gives a very low volume sound.

Laptop audio to five earphones

I don't know much about electronics but has quite a lot of experience with microcontrollers(Picaxes and BOEs), beginner inputs & outputs and soldering.


Noisy LM386 based audio amplifier

Inspired by this post from Salvage, I ordered a couple of gameDR Smack Talk for the XBOX units. The volume is way too low to drive a speaker directly, so I need an audio amplifier.

That led me to this post from Calculon320 on building an amplifier with an LM386. I breadboarded the audio amp, and it definitely amplified. However it also added a lot of noise. It could be cleaning it all up on a perf board would fix some of that, but it is very noticable.