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Cheap yet relative accurate signal sensors

Thanks for visiting the nuthouse!
Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out a relatively cheap, yet accurate, distance-sensative sensor.

So, the end question is, does anyone know of a sensor type that can be mounted on an arm,
that moves from 0 degrees to 180, 6 inches apart, to detect my location by something I'm carrying?

-From what I've read, the standard RFID chips don't usually even cover 5 feet.
-I've tried bluetooth, but the sensor strength fluctuates too much for a clear reading,

A particular sensor

Hello. So I reread the rules and am going to pose my dillema as specifically as I can. I've been researching it for a couple weeks and am still stumped, so please bear with me...I'm just a beginner.


Here is the problem I am trying to solve, posed metaphorically.

What sensor exists, that would allow you to detect a particular tennis ball being dropped into a bucket, only that tennis ball, and no others? What would I have to attach to the bucket AND that one tennis ball that could detect and alert me it just passed into the bucket?

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RFID antenna

So I have this OMNIKEY 5534 MultiTag Reader, and according to the manual a test-antenna can be made with a coil of 70 turns with a 0.22mm magnet wire around 36mm spool.
That works great, but I need the spool to be 80mm in diameter, -so the question is, how many turns should I use with a MW30 (0.25mm) wire?


Hello LMR! This is sort-of a Two in one question. I need some assistance figuring how to hook up and program the following: 1. RFID - I've been eying this for a while now: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8419. I understand that pin 5 will tell you when a card is present, and 8 & 9 look like i2c, but what is pin 7 (format selector)? What sort of object (propeller) would I use to drive it, i2c? What about the cp pin? 2. RTC - I've also wanted to do some experiments with this cool little chip: http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10160.
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RFID Keylock - RBBB Propeller

Continued......... Video explains the details ....including the painstaking job of finding the right house wires....ekkk

Removed the "Elfish PC" as its needed on another project.........

..... Replaced with a super cool RBBB Propeller board M44D40 found on the parallax forum, for 20 dollars.

I choose this board because of its size and simplicity (it has to fit inside my RFID box) .

Serial RFID reader troubles

I recently purchased the seeedstudio serial RFID reader for 125khz tags, but I cant really understand the datasheet. I am having trouble figuring out how I am supposed to interface it with my picaxe. 

Here is the product:


And her is the datasheet:


Who wants to buy an RFID IC that is actually well made?

Oi all it's Tgeahre, your friendly neighborhood RFID Proponent.

I have good news, I found my RFID reading IC and want help getting it. To start, if you didn't read it before, take a look at my component report in node 1417. For those of you excited about RFID, this report will please you.

At the end I have a wonderful little bit about how to purchase it.

Price: $4.5 USD
There are a few models of this but the SM125-IC is an RFID Interigator with read/write capabilities and I2C connection capabilities. I have been looking for a chip … Read more

Has anyone worked with RFID


While I am waiting for my Picaxe28x1 to arive I have been looking at a few ideas that I want to play with. one of which is a device that regularly pings RFID tags to see if they are within the given area and warns the user if they aren't. basically this is used by a forgetful person like a friend of mine in long beach who leaves his swords everywhere when he drinks (which is pretty much always). I know that this whould be easilly done but I cant find any tutorials online dealing with RFID tags besides the ones telling buisness owners how to upgrade their invintory managment.