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JST For Dummies

I am interested in learning how to use connectors, but am having trouble finding a beginner's guide. I looked at Molex, but think JST makes more sense for my small projects. Is there a resource that describes what parts are necessary and how to do it. I'm probably only interested in 2, 3 and 4 wire in-line connectors. Is DigiKey the primary source for JST parts? One of the things I want to avoid is buying things that I don't need (e.g., the wrong size crimper). So, as the subject line implies, I'm looking for an absolute beginners' guide to JST connectors.  Thanks.

Gimson Robotics - UK based electronics & robot-hardware store

Hi I'm Ewan from Gimson Robotics (www.gimsonrobotics.co.uk), a UK based robot & electronics parts store recently relaunched after two years hiatus. We stock a range of motors and actuators for small to medium sized robotics/special effects applications. Please have a look at the site and see what you think.

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Female jumper wires

Hi guys, im looking for a UK source of female-female jumper wires, seems a bit tricky so far. I have found these:


Yes i know they are male to male, but i wonder if anyone knows if the male 'pins' could come out, or are the soldered crimped on etc etc. or if any of you know of another source. I got hammered by import duty when using a US source recently :(




where to find connectors

I was following the "first robot" tutorial to get ideas on where to start and it said to buy some pins. they are great because the servo connectors just plug right onto them, but i cant find any similar connectors to put on the ends of my motor wires etc. its really hard to solder to the output pins so i would really appreciate it if anyone knows where they are available.
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http://www.action-electronics.com/molex.htm#Bls Read more

Connecting Abritrary Wires to Breadboard


I've got a pair of GM10 Solarbotics motors with very thin wires.  I want to connect them to a breadboard - what's the best way of doing this?  For now, I'll probably solder them to some connectors cut off the jumper wires I normally use, but was wondering if there are any better suggestions?


Easy Freebie LEDs

A quick tip for all you cheap skates out there. I've always had it in my head that I would like my robot to have no permanent connections, to allow me to experiment and reconfigure. This also has the nice side effect of less soldering for me to mess up. I actually have a cunning plan to pay my flatmate in jelly beans to do the tough bits for me; he's an electrical engineer (rock!).