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hall effect

Using Hall effect devices to detect distance from magnet.

Hi Folks.
I have been searching for this on Google but have not yet found a decent example.

I have a small neo magnet that is on a flexible surface - lets say under a  bandaid on an eyebrow.

I have a hall effect sensor mounted 10 to 15mm above the magnet on the forehead. It is actually mounted in a mask sitting on the forehead so that the skin movement does not effect it. So it will be a fixed reference point

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Homemade digital compass

Some time ago OddBot posted this circuit for a homemade digital compass based on hall effect sensors:


Unfortunately CircuitBurn couldn't make it work. However I'm inclined to try again. A cheap DIY compass would be great.

So if anyone has ANY idea as to how this could be achieved let's hear it. It could be an improvement on OddBot's circuits or something completely different and wacky :D