Let's Make Robots!


OK, finally signed up and a few questions...

Hi everyone.

After many days of looking around this site, I have finaly signed up, and, hope to start my new robot very soon.

However, I would like to ask, is it a case that the imagination really is the limit, or does the technology cause concern?

I ask this as I eventually would like to create a robot with advanced AI, and that can "learn".

I was also woundering if anyone has connected 2 or more MCU's to provide extra power, and maybe run larger, more complex code for these reasons?

I welcome any advice.

Thank you,



How to grease a servo?

I recently bought a HEXTRONIC HXT900 mini servo and have just found out it barely turns. For this reason I thoguht it might be because there is no grease visible. My question then is: Any grease will do?

Stupid / Beginning Questions

I'm somewhat new to arduino and finally found out about libraries.  Unfortunately I have looked for instructions on how to create one and how to upload an existing library.  So if someone could give me step-by-step instructions on how to get this library i have here sitting on my desktop to something i can use in code. (please dummy-down the instructions).

It would also be helpful if someone could provide me with a small sample code for a robot that uses Ping)))