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Second set of eye's on a sn754410 driver setup

wired up


Note green LED(yes it's set up in the correct orientation and even when I hook up a vmeter I don't see a voltage) is not lit up.(red is power indicator) I feel like amature hour here with this simple circuit yet can't seem to get it to work. Tried 2 different chips. Recommendations are welcome...I only spent this morning looking at it....

h bridge

I am working on making a remote controle tank using a  infrared transmiter and reciever  i can make it go forward and turn but i dont know how to make a hbridge so it can go backwards to. and im not sure what transistors to use or in what configeration.

A list of transistors and schematic would be greatly appreciated

thank you


hbridge basic question

Does a hbridge requires a positive, negative, and ground?