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SD Card

obstacle avoidance, data (temperature) It travels a random path around my house recording the temperature in different rooms.
Using a
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Programming to sd card

I am trying to automate my rc car for different courses.  I want to use a microcontroller to log data that remembers the movement from my rc receiver and save it to an sd card.  I would then like to come back and have the car run straight from the sdcard.  That way I can have different sd cards for different tracks.  Is it possible to do this.  I have been using an audrino board to practice programming and an sdcard shield for it. Is there any additional hardware I would need for this project and what would be a good starting point.

The uSD Platform Module lets you connect a MicroSD card to the Propeller Platform, Protoboard, or breadboard.  Because microSD uses such a tiny board (.9" x .8"), … Read more