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Line follower project

Hi guys, I'm working to build a linefollower robot to compete in both linefollowing and maze solving contests, but I've a few questions and problems I hope you could help me resolve.


Well, the first problem are the motors. At the beginning I was using two 3v - 6v motors and this worked fine, but I had to duplicate the H-Bridge chip on my Picaxe 28X1 Started Pack due to the high amperage they required.


Hello everyone. I'm trying to make a linefollower module, and I want to use it with a 28 pin project board (AXE020), but I've got some questions.  

  • If the module uses 5 of the input pins, one of voltage and one of ground, is it better to use a general voltage pin (the ones that are at the top of the input ones) or to use any voltage pin at the right of the used input pins?
  • If I need a voltage higher than V1 to power the module, can I take it from a V2 pin, or the signal sent by the module would be too high?