Let's Make Robots!

Mystery Object

What's ignoblegnome building?

Any guesses what I am building? Sound like a fun game to play?

I am anxious to hear your guesses.

Update: An easier way. 

TheAndroidMan posted a tip/walkthrough on adding pnuematics to a robot. That will make this project much easier.

Update: The answer!

Guess what it is...

Feel free to speculate on the project I'm working on. These are zoomed in and cropped photos. What are these components and what were they made from. But most importantly: WHY!??!????



update nov 1 2010:

What is the purpose of this crappy switch?

Mystery Summer Object 2010 (now revealed)

Summer Mystery Object time is here :-

What on earth does this "Something Else" device do ?........... what sane or  more fitting .... insane guesses do you have.

(at long last  my Avatar picture becomes clearer, dont let that distract you though, if you look carefully there are extra clues in the pictures)

Update1 :- Speed/Direction & Duty Cycle Potentiometers added

Update2 :- Binary Coded Switch installed - to help with the patterns - and two Hacked Nokia Lipos for "On the Road" use.

Mystery Object :- what is this mysterious thing i found lurking in my office corner

Here is a strange mystery Object i luckily caught on Video earlier this evening roaming around my office........

 Is it a UFO ........?

What high tech spacey material did i make it from ........?

What is its sole purpose in life ...... ?

All Crazy......sane ..... or insane guesses Welcome.......Gareth

For you None Streamers out there press (here)