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Draws murals by following GCode instructions and/or etch-a-sketch style commands
Using a
All my projects & progress are available at marginallyclever.com. This is my mural drawing art robot.  The principle is simple: if you know the distance … Read more

RepRap Stepper Driver v1.2 and Next Gen CNC

In the picture from top-left, clockwise to bottom-left: the terminal block (24V power up to 13A), the 2 X-axis drivers, the Y-axis driver (blue heat sink), and the Z-axis driver (blue heat sink), the Arduino controller (direction x3/enable x3/step x3), and just below the terminal block there is a small 9V regulator board to shift 24V down to 9V for the Arduino.  Everything is mounted on an MDF board, and the board is mounted with baling wire.