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Two 3V DAGU gearmotors

<wheeled> navigate autonomously indoors using IR proximity sensors
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Hi all, My first post here. Currently posting one of my 3 robots. I will name this one 'sc00t3r', just scooting around in the room. :) wheels are from a laser … Read more
Tries to turn by matching front wheel steering angle to rear wheel PWM differential steering.
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This is a robot built mostly to explore how you can steer with a combination of differential rear steering and a single servo controlled front wheel. This is a … Read more
Drives around, bumps into things, plays beats, backs up and moves on.
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Most Recent Update: Uploaded new code (v1.9) that introduces some 'shuffle' to Blind Lemon's beats. Thanks for the tip, Frits! Intro  Blind Lemon is now a … Read more