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Picaxe Programmer

Using Nokia DKU-5 cable to program picaxe (Working now!)

Hi guys

I read this article- http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23728 by Ro-Bot-X and i bought the same nokia cable (CA-42) from a local computer shop. It looked like this from 'outside'.


But wait when i cut opened it it wasn't CA-42!. It was nokia DKU-5 cable based on PL2303,

Servo glitch when downloading from Picaxe Programmer

I seem to be having trouble with downloading programs from my Picaxe Programmer to my Picaxe-40x2. A lot of times I get communications faults and have to reset and try again.

Worst of all, sometimes these errors are accompanied by somewhat distrubing behavior for the bot itself. It seems like all the servos are being forced to turn very far to one side. One servo (a DAGU mini) in particular seems like it is trying to turn itself past its limit.