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2 LDRs

go to the spotlight, sing his theme song, make his nose glow, be small
Using a
This is my entry into the microrobot challenge, as well as a fun holiday project. The Song: Read more
Terd-L, for Two-Eyed Robotic Differential-Locomotion. (I can't believe I forgot to include that right away. May St. Markief forrgive me!) Update 24 April 2013 Read more
Rolls into the light
  Well, Chris the Carpenter has been hard at work since MakerFaire perfecting a design for a robot kit that can do... anything. Well, almost anything. OK, a lot of … Read more
Nothing much to describe about this robot.Its a simple line follower robot which uses 2 ldrs Read more
Hi guys, this is my current project, i thought the programming would be easy, but since i havent used my arduino for months, it's not going so well, lol. Well … Read more