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video processing

How to synchronise two CMOS Camera Modules for Stereo Vision

It has been a while since my last posting on this topic. In the meantime I made significant progress as you can see here:

Video Encoding with CS4954


I have some new and interesting stuff to share. The attached photos demonstrate my progress with generating baseband video signals (CVBS or composite video) for wireless transmission (see my other blog posts). As I finally realised that video stream editing at 27MHz data rate (towards stereoscopic vision) is hardly possible with the Parallax Propeller, I turned over to hardware editing. In the first step I thought I should start with discrete logic IC's but a colleague of mine "persuaded" me to use an FPGA. Well, he was definitely right.

Robot 'Justin' Catches Balls Tossed in its Direction

Justin is a robot developed at German Aerospace center DLR. I saw him at CeBit 2009 (2nd video), where he is serving ice tea. Now he learns some new tricks, like catching balls or making coffee. Very impressive!

Video for robots

I would like to build a robot that uses a video camera, processes the data, and then reacts to that data. Basicly I want to be able to designate a destination using a laser and the robot will chase the laser. I do not know what sort of micro processor I will need for this and also I do not know what kind of camera will work.

 I have been looking at the parallax propeller as a possible processor, but i do not know how to interface a camera to it, or servos (which I also need to control).