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On-line electronics store up and running

After a few false starts, my on-line store is running! I have absolutely no experience setting up a website but it is coming along quite well. Over the next couple weeks I will be adding over 2000 items to my catalog and actually added about a hundred today.

Comments & suggestions are welcome.



On-line store up and running!

I just published my first website: www.salvage-1.com and it should be live any minute now.

I will be adding items on a daily basis as I have over 2000 part numbers currently in stock as well as all types of unique and interesting items.

There will be certain core items, (like the soldering stations), that I will always sell but other items, (due to the nature of the surplus business), will be limited quanity. What that means is, when they're gone, they may be gone for good. I buy at auction every other Saturday so there will be new and different items added continously.

PC/USB based hobby oscilloscope - build your own

I thought that my latest project may be of interest to many people buiding robots: 
It's a simple, easy-to-assemble microcontroller based oscilloscope with two input channels. 
It's built around a dsPIC30F2020. Almost the complete oscilloscope os contained in the dsPIC .
I offer it as a kit (including USB cable and a pair of simple probes),
or fully assembled and tested. The microcontroller is already pre-programmed,