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Base for paintball rc robot

Hi! This is my first blogpost here, so bare with me.

This will not be the first robot I build, even though I think it could be done by scavaging parts from different finished products. I'm thinking of building an rc paintball car with a camera on it for navigation. Would something like this be useable? http://www.hobbytron.com/HobbyEnginePremiumLabelConstructionCraneTruck11824GhzRTRRC.html#

Future ideas- robots and paintball

Well I like to paintball with sum buddies and its getting bigger all the time so I have been involving robotics and electronics in paintball /airsoft. 


-http://letsmakerobots.com/node/25679 (ill try to get my robot post on that one going, almost done :] )

So Im sorta running out of ideas that are worth using and cheap enough. 

For example-http://letsmakerobots.com/node/23474 i learned it was a little too expensive for me - a kid- to make and experiment.

Robot Sentry

This website may interest some of the more creative amongst us :)

Comes complete with DIY instructions.