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So hey guys and girls!
If you didn't know, me (@BotFIN on Twitter) and GeneralGeek (@NoahMoroze) are in the Twitter as LMR. Twitter add's our names to end of the posts (I don't know why). But we are "official" employees of LMR on Twitter now :)

Want to be the voice of LMR?

Updated: 2012-04-22:

I've been 'voice' behind LMR's Twitter account since June 2011. I think it is time for others to add their voices.

This post was originally intended to keep the LMR Twitter content going while I was away on a two week vacation. GeneralGeek and BotFIN did an admirable job of covering for me, and my thanks goes out to them.

LMR on Twitter

LMR is on Twitter under the name LetsMakeRobots.

LMR Tweets (updated 2012-04-22)

Mindstorm NXT 2.0 N900 - Twitter-controlled Robot

Nokia ran a competition that asked hackers and modders to push their new device, the N900, to its limits.  Judges selected the three best submissions and one of those was 'NIKO The N900 Robot' - a robot controllable through commands on Twitter built out of Lego NXT Mindstorm 2.0.