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Bomb Squad

BomBot Nomadio GC205 R/C package

Our EOD technicians have received 6 BomBots from the Air Force. These units were designed to remotely detonate roadside bombs, (EOD). Four are new and 2 are used, but none have the transmitter, only the receiver. The transmitter is a bi-directional 5-channel, spread spectrum 2.4Ghz unit made by Nomadio, model GC205. I found the 15-page owner's manual for the R/C but it is woefully lacking in technical information.

Bomb Squad Robots

I was visiting the Arizona Science Center this weekend with my kids (great place, BTW). Just outside the building there was a big Bomb Squad van and they were demonstraiting two of their robots. Here's a picture of one of them with my 6 year old son next to it.  They let him drive it around using its remote control.

Unfortunately I didn't have my camera with me so I didn't get a shot of the other one or any video, which would have been sweet. At least my cell phone allowed me to get this one shot.