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Simple control for stepper motors

Programming a stepper motor to complete one rotation in a day.

I have to build a working model of earth  rotation.

How can I programme a stepper motor to complete one rotation in a day, with 15 min intervals for each of the longitudes?

Is stepper moter best for it os should i use continuous rotation serveo, though i dont know how to time the servo for the project in this case too?

Will the stepper motor or the servo have enough torque to rotate a globe of weight of atmost 2 kg?

I have a Picaxe 28x1 and a L293D IC

Struggling with Steppers

I'm interested to experiment with Steppers - I have scrounged a few 5 wire unipolar (i think) steppers and figure I'd try and use my trusty STAMP to make them run :

I've never run steppers before bu thave been reading a bit. Key point I don't want to spend a fortune on some driver board, but to lash up something myself (which is always more satisfying)


I have noticed several people using an H-bridge schematic (commonly circulated on the web) that will work, but if both inputs are high at the same time, can throw a short across the motor power supply.  As long as they never let that happen, these circuits will work, but I consider it unsafe. Since many people here have different levels of expertise in both hardware and software, it is better to use an arrangement that prevents accidentally shorting anything.

Simple control for stepper motors


I got a printer with a scanner, the printer head and scanner head are controlled by stepper motors.

I was wondering if there was a way i could use the microcontroller that came in the printer ? Or is it possible to buy a microcontroller that can make the motor back and forwards ??

Thanks for any help.