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Powering a switch through another source

I have a device that needs a 12v power supply to activate, and my controller is only 5v.  My 12v device only needs to be activated during a certain event that the controller senses.  Is there a way that I could have the controller power a switch of some sort that turns on power to the 12v device, i.e. a switch that is activated when power is supplied?


Thanks for the help.

Bumper switch help

Hi all,

So I got most of my robot parts. I still don't have any kind of sensor for the front, which is fine for the moment. I'll buy one when I have more cash.

Avoiding objects



This is my first day here on LMR and I think it's a great site for learning new stuff for my robot.

Currently I'm working on my very first (own) robot.

What I have now is a cybot based platform (2 motors and a front wheel).

De motors are driven by a L298N driver.

That driver is connected to an Arduino board.

My next challenge is avoiding objects and I'm not quite sure what kind of sensors I would like to use.

First we have normal switches mounted on the front sides. (I rather not use this)