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DSO Nano

DSO Nano SD card issues

getting kind of pissed off at the rediculous lack of info on this, even on the seedstudio forums :S
and evne google was frustratingly unhelpful/

anybody know how to get an SD card to work with the DSO nano (first model, version 1.6 with latest benf firmware)
on windows 7?

only usefull info i could find was 'make sure you have the STM32 driver installed'.
anybody know what this is, how to check for it, and if not, where do i get it?

oh and while were at it, how does recharging work?
does it need to be on or off, or will it work either way?

You may think this is a strange tip, but I am very serious; Someone should have tipped me: Get an oscilloscope!
I am sorry if this seams like a strange tip. But the point with the tips are to let other know what you have ecperienced / learned / would have wished someone would … Read more