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LED matrix

Facial expressions for interactive robots
     Few days ago I decided to continue my interactive robot (http://letsmakerobots.com/node/36100), and it's been some time I'm making some sketches for a more … Read more

DIY RGB LED Matrix Help!

Hello, I've got a heap of RGB SMDs and I'd like to make a pair of sunglasses with LED animation. The pair of sunglasses in question can be seen in the attachment. The general battleplan is to have a 19x5 matrix of LEDs (less than 95 since some will be excluded due to the position of the nose rest). I'd like to have some simple animations, ie color fade, rainbows, etc. I'd be using an Arduino for this project, though if it's at all possible with using the much more portable Picaxe I may be inclined to learn how to use that instead.
How I used an Arduino to display scrolling text on a LED matrix
The build is as simple as it gets. I just used 8 red and 5 blue connectors to connect the arduino pins to the positive and negative pins of the matrix. I didn't … Read more

New parts

Hello everyone, 

So I took the quiz on free day over at Sparkfun.com . After about an hour of answering a questions in between re-loading pages, I finally answered to questions correctly before it was all over. So I got $20 worth of parts. So I didn't know what to buy so I bought some random parts for fun. I ordered these products:



Changes his facial expression according to brightness
Using a
No, wrong thought --- it's not a Jack O'Lantern robot. Mr. Sunsmile changes his facial expression according to the brightness of the ambient light. A LDR is hidden … Read more