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Using Sabertooth 2x12 with motor and servo.


I have an RC car that i've stripped down to it's bare essentials.  It has one motor that provides forward/backward movement and it has a servo that turns the front wheels left/right.   I can use the Sabertooth 2x12 fine with the motor.  The problem is however the servo. 

Sabertooth 2x10 motorcontroller


I am using a sabertooth 2x10 motor controller in my tank style robot. I have been controllong it with a PIC microcontroller board and all has been going well. Until the other day when i was using it and the status1 LED went off and the board stopped working. When i power it up now, all the motor outputs are at 13V and the status1 LED stays off. I have taken the heat sinks off the board and inspected the components but all looks ok.

In desperate need of help.Does anyone have experience of this problem? All help greatly appreciated!

Help with Sabertooth 2x25

Hey everyone. I am building a couple of projects using electric wheel chair motors. I am using the Dimension Engineering Sabertooth 2x25 motor controller. The proble I have is I am sending pulses of 1000, 1500, & 2000 us to the sabertooth and am getting random results (both forward, one forward the other reverse, both fast, both slow, one fast & one slow, etc) with no apparent consistency.