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arduino motor shield

Testing Arduino Motor Shield Before Using

I recently purchased a motor shield on Amazon.  Didn't read the direction fully and the deivce arrived in parts.  had to sodler the whole thing together.  I would like to test it somehow before attaching to my Arduion and blowing somehtinh up.


Model Motor control shield KIT for Arduino


Motor Shield Recommendation

The motor shield I have interferes with using interrupts, PWM and servo library. So now I'm looking for a new one, any suggestions? I have a proximity sensor set up as a bump switch and would really like to move the code out of the loop and trigger the code with an interrupt. The motor shield I have uses pins 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13. Pins 10 & 11 are the problem.

control 2 motors with arduino motor shield

Hey guys I have a arduino motor shield from adafruit and I want a code for it so that i can control two motors from it. So please could you post a code for it. Also could you tell me that can I connect 2 servos and 2 motors on the shield at one time without having any problem.

Thanks for your help.

Questions about my Arduino Motor Controller

hi guys I have bought an Arduino and the Arduino Motor Shield from adafruit. The tutorial on Ladyada says that I can power a motor which has a capacity up to 36V. So i programmed my arduino to run a motor on M2 and then when I check the voltage supply over there its just 3.17 V. So how do I power a 5V motor. Also the amperage on the pin is only 0.49A whereas Ladyada says that I can power a motor upto 0.6A and 1.2A peak.Is everything correct with my shield. I have also read that I can power it from an external supply-How do I do that? How will it help me?

Thanks in advance.